Payment after Ordering

The payment process does not happen at the same time as the ordering process, it comes later. The ordering process consists of sending your order details then sending your optical prescription. The payment process occurs within 10 days after we have received your prescription. This is the usual amount of delay before your prescription glasses have been made by our technicians.

Payment Point

Payment is made when the glasses are ready to send. This is after the finished glasses have been through inspection procedures. We then send you an email with instructions on how to complete the online payment form. There is a link in this email to the secure payment form.

Payment Methods

The transaction is paid securely using by one of the methods shown below. Cheque payment is also available.

Payment Currencies

Payment can be made in a number of different currencies as detailed below.
Currency Flags


Once online payment is received, or cheque cleared, then your glasses are sent using Royal Mail 1st class recorded delivery.