About Us

Located in the North East England, Sunray Vision started to sell prescription optical products on the Internet around mid 2002. The aim is to supply customers with quality eyewear that is affordable. Here we present a brief history of Sunray Vision and our objectives.

Originally, we went live on the Net in 2001 selling ready-to-wear reading glasses only. Then we linked up with an optics technician in Yorkshire and expanded the range to include prescription glasses. It has been a successful collaboration ever since, with a technician that has around 50 years of experience in the optics industry.

Since our beginning in 2002, we have built up experience in the optics field and passsed on the benefit of this to our customers. We are here to provide clear and precis answers to any customer enquiries. Sunray Vision provides factual information and we attempt to get the answes to our customers as quickly as possible.

We hope that our website is straight forward to use and the information we provide helpful. Sunray Vision is always in the process of improving the way it operates and expanding its services is part of this process. We always aim to extend and update our product range with items that are both robust and fashionable.

As part of our quality assurance regime, customer feedback is essential, so please do not hesitate to contact us.